Máquina de corte por chorro de agua a presión waterjet

QSM-4.5-15-BG Waterjet Cutting Machine

QSM-4.5-15-BG portable waterjet cutting machine for underground coal mine, is used for cutting any 0-100mm–thick materials (except glass carbon, diamond and special hard alloy), and has obtained the certificate of Mining Products Safety Label and met the requirements for coal mine safety production. It is suitable for cutting operations on sites with water or electricity for underground coal mines to avoid risks of dismantling or maintaining high gas flammable and combustible equipment and eliminate the danger of flammable and combustible tanks confronted by chemical enterprises during the process of dismantlement and maintenance.

Presión nominal: 50 (MPa)
Presión de trabajo: 45 (MPa)
Diámetro de la boquilla de pistola: 0.8 (mm)
Velocidad de corte (placa de acero de 10 mm de espesor): 90 (mm/min)
Nivel de presión de sonido 90 (dB (A))
Dimensiones (largo × ancho × alto): 1740×785×1130 (mm)
Peso del equipo: 420 (kg)

The newly-developed product of Shanghai Kemei Electromechanical Co.,Ltd., QSM-4.5-15-BG is a portable waterjet cutting machine for underground coal mine. Its cutting gun can extend 100m to complete cutting operations in narrow or water/electricity-insufficient environments; also, it is appropriate for cutting operations.

The work principles are:

-The work medium flows into the high-pressure pump via the low-pressure hose and after being filtered by the water storage tank.

-The flame-proof three-phase asynchronous motor for underground coal mines is used to provide power for the high-pressure plunger pump to boost the work medium.

-Then the high-pressure water flow enters the abradant tank via the high-pressure hose to fully mix with and speed up the abradant.

-At last, it passes through the cutting gun to generate high-pressure abradant jet which flows to conduct cutting operations.

work pressure: 45 (MPa)
nozzle diameter: 0.8 (mm)
cutting speed(10cm-thick steel plate): 14 (mm/min)
dimensions(length×width×height): 1740×785×1130 (mm)
equipment weight: 420 (kg)
motor: YBK2-160L-4
power: 15 (KW)
voltage: 380/660 (V)
filter volume: 8.4 (L)
pump flow: 11 (L/min)
volume: 11.8 L
abradant type: Special abradant
abradant granularity: 80 (Mesh)
abradant flow: 0.5 (Kg/min)